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Cleaning Oriental Rugs in Southeast Idaho

Oriental rugs provide an additional unique, if not regal, touch to any given space. Its intricate patterns and designs, not to mention its handcrafted quality, make it a highly valued piece for homeowners throughout the country. Since this item is made from an intricate creation process and only use traditional and/or organic dyes, owning and taking care of Oriental rugs is known to be quite challenging.

Oriental rug cleaning

When you are handling your Oriental rugs, you must always remember to be gentle and delicate. Even with its basic cleaning process, you cannot use harsh chemical products or rough cleaning methods for it may severely distort its color and form. Sadly, a lot of rug owners tend to forget about this matter and slowly end up tearing up their valuable pieces

Why Cleaning Your Oriental Rugs Professionally is needed

From time to time, your Oriental rugs will need to be professionally cleaned, and we, at All American Cleaning, are just the right people to handle the job. For many years, we have seen a lot of rugs that have been damaged by tough stains, and have collected an array of dust and dirt; as well as torn or tangled fringes which are common results that have sprouted from mismanaged Oriental rug cleaning.

If you decide to have your pieces undergo our professional cleaning services, know that our cleaning technicians will only utilize the safest and gentlest methods available. We understand how sensitive their colors are, and how their fringes often get in your vacuum’s way. With our help, not only will you no longer have to face those dreadful rug dilemmas, but your Oriental rugs will look as good as new, as well.

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