Areas That Are Prone to Mold Contamination

Mold is a common phenomenon for homeowners. At first glance, it may not look harmful. But you can’t judge a book by its cover. Mold has the potential to cause harmful effects on the physical body. It also causes damage to the foundation of your residence or commercial place. You may suffer physical and economic damage if you aren't careful enough.

If you know the places prone to mold, you may reduce mold growth as much as possible. It will give you some room to think about whether you require an expert or not.

Some Common Places for mold growth

Some places are more vulnerable to mold growth than others places. Here take a look at these-

Mold remediation service
  • Basement: You should start with your basement. The basement tends to be wet. If your basement has flooded recently, then it is advisable to ask for an expert. Floors made with concrete are an excellent place for mold to grow, the same goes for the corners of your walls. If the ground is cooler than the humid air, it leads to condensation, creating moisture and mold.
  • Crawling: Then you should check the darkest corner of your home. Typically, the mold in your crawl area is fed by dust and needs moisture to survive. It is advisable to check it occasionally to ensure that it is cleaned properly. Therefore, don’t forget to check your crawlspace. Take a close look at the corners, walls, ceiling, and floors, you may find some mold.
  • Air conditioner: People tend to forget that the air conditioner can be an ideal place for mold growth. If you have an air conditioner, ensure that the filters are clean and designed to prevent mold growth. When you clean the filter, make sure that the switch is turned off. Don’t forget to use a mask to avoid breathing in mold spores. You should wipe it carefully with a rag or damp vacuum if you notice any mold on it.

Rely on The Best Mold Remediation Service

Even if you find all the mold locations in your home or workplace, you may need an expert to remove them cause cleaning all places regularly may be a hassle for you. All American Cleaning & Restoration provides assessments, removal, remediation, and many more services for mold. If you live near Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Blackfoot and other service areas contact us at 208-203-1512. For free estimation, click here for an online reservation.