Mold Assessment Service throughout Idaho & Rexburg

Mold is a common concern for all homeowners. Mild spores spread in the air, which may cause health issues, especially for those who have respiratory and allergy problems. It may damage your structure which can cause collapse of your foundation. So it is vital to be aware of mold growth.

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Professional mold assesment service

Mold Detection Tips

Mold doesn’t look that harmful at first glance. They are often ignored. To determine whether you have dangerous mold in your home or workplace, look for the following tips for the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

  • Smell: The first sign of mold growth is odor. If you smell a musty odor, then look for mold infestation near you. You will find mold eventually.
  • Mold growth: If you can spot any discolor on the wall that looks greenish then it is better to call an expert from All American Cleaning & Restoration for inspection.
  • Water infiltration: If there is any leak present in the sewer line or pipe breaks in the building then it may cause mold growth. Look around for mold growth.
  • Former flooding: If a flood recently damaged your home, it is advisable to call an expert as soon as possible. Most likely, your house or workplace needs mold removal.

Put Your Trust in The Best Mold Assessment Expert

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