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Soda Blasting Cleaning Technique in Southeast Idaho

Soda Blasting Cleaning Technique in Southeast Idaho

Soda blasting is a technique used by All American Cleaning in unique situations to remove soot or other contaminates from delicate surfaces. The soda blaster shoots small particles of highly absorbent soda material onto the contaminated surface. The velocity of the soda impacting the surface causes the soot contaminants to transfer from the surface onto the soda. Air pressure can also be regulated for aggressive or sensitive cleaning.

Different types of soda material can also be used depending on the surface texture and results desired. Another unique aspect of the soda blaster is that the soda material actually deodorizes the surfaces it cleans and is better for the environment. The soda blaster is safer than traditional sandblasting because it is much less abrasive to the structure, produces far less dust particles on wet side and is easily cleaned up.

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