Bursted Water Heater Cleanup Service in Idaho Falls, ID

A water heater bursting inside your home can cause quite a commotion, and it can cause a lot of costly damage as well. After such an occurrence, you're likely wondering what caused your hot water heater to break and what you should do to fix it. Burst water heaters need to be repaired immediately to prevent further damage.

Here at All American Cleaning & Restoration, we have a lot of experience dealing with burst water heaters, so we know what to do when such an incident happens at your home. To help you out in an emergency, we're here for you. For any assistance regarding burst water heater cleanup call us at 208-203-1512 or click here to contact us online.

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Reasons Why A Hot Water Heater May Leak

You'll have to pick from a number of possibilities when identifying why a hot water heater is leaking. Some of the more common problems associated with older tanks include: leaks, corroded or broken fittings, dislodged drain valves, malfunctioning T&P valves, cracks in the storage tank walls caused by the accumulation of rust or silt, and malfunctioning temperature gauges.

Due to normal wear, tear, and age, it's possible that your hot water heater may leak if you don't perform routine maintenance. Regular water heater maintenance is essential to prevent numerous water heater leaks.

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Water Damage Services We Offer

As burst water heater cleanup isn’t our only service, we offer numerous water damage restoration services to our customers in Bancroft, Firth, Geneva, American Falls, and throughout our service areas. They include:

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