Refrigerator Leak Cleanup in Idaho Falls & Pocatello, ID

Refrigerator hoses or drains are usually dependable until they wear out, clog, overflow or some other mishap. Leaks happen, and can result in significant water damage where or near a refrigerator sits. It can harm kitchen floors, walls, molding, foundations or cause slip-inducing pools or puddles.

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Refrigerator Leak Cleanup Service

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Call All American Cleaning & Restoration at 208-203-1512 or contact us online to learn more about refrigerator leak cleanup, and to arrange a consultation. Additional services include kitchen sink overflowburst & frozen pipesflooded basement, and other appliance leak cleanups.

Refrigerator Leak Signs to Call All American in Idaho Falls, ID

  • Clogged defrost drain: If water is seeping from your refrigerator, check the pipe that drains the defrost. This conduit could hide behind the freezer, beneath the produce bin, or behind the unit. A drain clogged with food particles and other dirt can lead to leaks. An obstruction can cause pooled condensation leaks.
  • Water line break: The use of water lines in refrigerators is common. A loose or broken water line, on the other hand, might be the cause of leakage at the back of your refrigerator. You could notice a drop in ice production or problems with water flow.
  • Faulty water filter: Water may seep due to a faulty connection between the water filter and the refrigerator, or if you have the wrong size filter.
  • Door issues: Excessive condensation can collect if the refrigerator door too often doesn't close all the way. This can cause water to pool or puddle.