Refrigerator Leak Cleanup Service in Idaho

Refrigerators must regularly be inspected for leaks to ensure that everything is working correctly. If a refrigerator leak occurs, it can result in significant water damage. Water may harm your kitchen's floors, as well as the walls and other objects in the area. Furthermore, the water will attract mold, resulting in more damage, burdening you with more restoration bills.

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Refrigerator Leak Cleanup Service

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Reasons for A Refrigerator Leak

  • Clogged defrost drain- If water is seeping from your refrigerator, check the pipe that drains the defrost. This tubing might be hidden behind the freezer, beneath the produce bin, or behind the unit. The drain pipe clogged with food particles and other dirt may be a reason for the refrigerator leak. An obstruction will eventually allow melted condensation to flow onto the floor. This means you will ultimately face water damage problems.
  • Waterline break- The use of water lines in refrigerators is quite prevalent. A loose or broken water line, on the other hand, might be the cause of leakage at the back of your refrigerator. You could notice a drop in ice production or problems with water flow.
  • Faulty connectionn with water filter- Water may seep out onto the floor due to a faulty connection between the water filter and the refrigerator. It's also possible that you installed the wrong size filter.
  • Problem with fridge door- Keeping your fridge door open for too long makes the refrigerator work overtime to cool, and you'll end up stepping in a big puddle of condensation. If your fridge door is not shut correctly, it might also cause problems.

These are some of the reasons, among many others. Here at All American Cleaning & Restoration, we provide restoration services for appliance leak cleanups like kitchen sink overflow, burst pipe & frozen pipe, flooded basement, and many more.