Mold Damage From Basement Leaks in Idaho Falls & Pocatello, ID

Mold thrives on moisture, and can form quickly after a leak and resulting water damage. With any type of undetected leak, there's always a possibility of mold occurence. It's a health hazard and highly damaging to any home, especially when it's from a basement leak.

All American Cleaning & Restoration have solutions for basement or other leaks and resulting mold. We are experts in basement foundation issues and mold cleanup. If you reside in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Cassia, Power, Bingham, Jefferson, Clark, Freemont, or anywhere in our Southeast Idaho service area, call 208-203-1512. Our customer care representatives will dispatch a crew of technicians to your home or business.

Stains on the walls

All American Tips to Spot Mold in Southeast Idaho

  • Sounds of dripping, trickling, or rushing water
  • Stains on the walls or in the ceilings
  • Musty or damp odors
  • Sudden changes in water pressure
  • Damp or wet areas anywhere inside the property
  • A sudden increase in the cost of one’s water bills
Mold Prevention Tips

Mold Prevention Tips by All American in Southeast ID

  • Inspect the home for water leaks and have them repaired.
  • Make sure that the property has proper airflow and limited dampness or internal humidity.
  • Move furniture just a few inches away from exterior walls to improve airflow.
  • Install and use exhaust fans in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.
  • Ventilate and insulate all crawl and attic spaces.
  • Vacuum regularly basis to remove old mold spores.
  • Dry any spills or condensation immediately if possible.
  • For leak prevention or repair, forget D-I-Y; call All American Cleaning & Restoration.

Call All American For Mold Damage From Basement Leaks in Idaho Falls & Pocatello

All American Cleaning & Restoration has long-time experience with basement waterproofing issues and guarantees total customer satisfaction. Trust our expertise, tools, technology, best practices and qualified technicians to waterproof your basement and prevent or repair mold damage. We'll restore your home or business to like-new. Call 208-203-1512 from anywhere in Southeast Idaho.

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