Wood Floor Replacement in Idaho Falls, ID

Wood floor replacement is common in older homes. Sometimes the wood floors get damaged beyond repair, or the repair cost is so much that it is not cost-effective. The best option is to replace the existing wood floor in such cases. Replacing the wood floor with a new one changes the look of a house as the floor is the most crucial feature of a home.

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Signs That Your Wood Floor Needs Replacement

Wood Floor Replacement

Here are a few signs that might compel you to replace your wood floor:

  • Water Damage- If your floor has been through water damage, then there is a chance that it has become beyond repair and needs to be replaced. Standing water damages floors beyond repair. 
  • Beyond Repairable Scratches- Some scratches are too deep and can't be repaired. Sometimes repeatedly repairing, makes the floor impossible to fix any longer, and then you need replacing.
  • Discoloration- Over the years, your floor may lose its original color and become fade. You may need to consider replacing your floor in such conditions.
  • Wear and Tear- Floors are most subject to wear and tear as they are always used. Floors exposed to heavy traffic are most likely to wear and tear quickly. You can't help but replace them in such conditions.
  • Creaking Sound- If you hear continuous creaking sounds whenever you are walking, you might consider replacing your wood floor with a new one.

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