Roof Leak Restoration Services in Idaho

If your roof is somehow leaked and you’re not aware of it yet, it can deal a serious amount of water damage to your belongings. Although, roof leaks are very tricky to find. Most of the time you will be looking for them forever without any results.

All American Cleaning & Restoration is a leading restoration company in Idaho. We provide long-term solutions for roof leaking and similar roof repair issues. Our technicians will search, find the roof leaks you’re currently facing and take immediate action to resolve them.

You can access our services in Idaho falls, Geneva, Aberdeen and our other service areas.

Types of Roof Leaks

If you are searching for leaks in your roof, first you need to know what you are searching for. Here are some examples of roof leaks that are commonly seen and repaired by us:

Pipe Boot Failure

Pipe boots are installed around the water pipes. They stop the rainwater from pouring through the gaps between the pipe and the roof. Water starts leaking freely once a pipe boot is damaged somehow.

Misplaced Nails

When you insert a nail sideways instead of placing it farmly and deep enough, it creates a positional imbalance. After a while has passed, the nail starts coming out of its position and rainwater starts passing by.

Debris in Gutters

This type of leak is usually rare and only happens when it is raining heavily. When rain gutters become stuck by debris, the heavy flow of water finds another way by creating a leak where there is the least resistance.

Improperly Installed Skylights

Skylight leaks are very common but most of the time, skylights are not the ones to blame. Installing them without reading the instructions properly is mostly the reason. So, you should be searching around the installation area if you are looking for a leak like this.

Chimney Leaks

Your chimneys can leak anytime and it can happen because of many reasons. Flawed metal flashing, mortar joints and cracked chimney tops are most of the time what you are looking to fix in these cases.

Our Technicians Are Available 24/7 in Your Nearby Areas

Depending on the type of roof leak you are facing, our certified professionals can help you to find the most sustainable solution. We also have all the modern equipment and technologies that are required for the task.

All American Cleaning & Restoration is your all-in-one remedy for any situation that demands emergency restoration services. Our roof leak restoration is no exception to that. Facing water damage issues because of a leaked roof? Call us anytime 24/7 at 208-203-1512 or contact us online to learn more about our services!