Restore Wooden Floor Damage From Water Leakage in Idaho Falls

Wood floors are quite common in former houses. Due to several reasons like high humidity, water leakage on the floor, crowning, and poor plumbing installation, a wooden floor can be damaged. Among all, wooden floors damaged by water leakage can be hard to identify as a result the damage keeps growing over time. 

If your home or commercial building in Preston, Fort Hall, Pingree and other areas in ID has sustained such damage, don't worry All American Clean & Restoration (AACR) is just one call away. We are one of the leading companies for wood floor restoration. You can avail of all of our services simply by calling at 208-203-1512 or you can just submit an online form here.

What Are The Signs of Water Damaged Wood Floors?

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Most homeowners are pretty biased towards hardwood flooring system as it gives an elegant look to your resident. At the same time, it builds a strong structure for a long-lasting foundation. But within time, the wooden element can get ruined due to various reasons. No matter what, once you find the mentioned signs on your wood floors, the prime indication is - you have to prevent further damage.

  • Wood Discoloration: The discoloration can come through excessive sun exposure or absorbing water.
  • Creaked Floorboards: It signifies weakened structure. So, it can be another sign.
  • Worn Stains: This can lead to some serious issues like splintered or warped wood.
  • Water Damage: It can make the woods weak by absorbing excess moisture.
damage wood floor after restoration

Other Services of AACR Besides Floor Damage Restore

We are working with full efficiency to give you the best services. Apart from wood floor damage restoration, we also serve:

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