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Most homeowners don't realize this, but attic water damage is more common than you might think. In Idaho, where it can get quite cold, ice dams and condensation can pose a problem. The good news is that All American Cleaning and Restoration can help.

Ice dams form when ice or snow accumulates at the edges of the roof. When the temperature in the attic hits anything above freezing, the ice will begin to melt. However, the temperature near the sides of the roof is often colder, which refreezes the melted ice. This cycle of melting and refreezing repeats for several days and the ice at the edge accumulates. When this happens, melted ice can backup and enter through the space between the roof shingles. This process results in water damage in the attic.

Condensation is another problem during cold weather. The warm air inside the home hits the cold attic. As soon as the water vapor in the air hits the cold attic, it turns into moisture, which can damage wood and cause mold to grow. Roof leaks can also cause attic water damage, particularly during a storm or heavy rain.

If any of these things cause attic water damage, your best option is to call All American Cleaning. As you have learned, different things can cause attic water damage, and we can provide you with an accurate diagnostic. We can also help you prevent future attic water damage through proper insulation, dehumidifier installation, vent installation, and sealing cracks.

Attic Water Damage Restoration Services

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