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Professional Water Damage Inspection in Idaho Falls, ID

water damage inspection

Quick & Accurate Inspection

When All American Cleaning & Restoration receives a call from your Idaho Falls home or business about water damage concerns, the first thing we prepare for is the conduction of a quick and accurate inspection. Our project managers and technicians have undergone training to find out what’s causing your water-related troubles, what kind of hazards are present, and what can be done to get your property back to pre-disaster conditions.

Water Damage Inspection Process

Here’s what you can expect us to do when we arrive on the site for a water damage inspection:

  • Identify the Source of Flooding – In some cases, the source of flooding can be very obvious. Natural disasters like storms and river overflows bring water from the outside in. When water comes from indoors, the source can be a little harder to track down. Pipes can burst in the most unexpected areas and they could be submerged by the time you detect the flooding. In less violent cases of water intrusion, the liquid can seep from roofs into walls and go unnoticed for long stretches of time.

    Our experts are equipped with state-of-the-art gear that will help them zero in on the origin of your water damage woes. We have moisture detectors, thermal imaging cameras, and probes that can sniff out even the smallest traces of indoor humidity. Once the source of water intrusion is found, we will give you recommendations on how to shut it down and how to contain the extent of damage your property receives.

  • Classify Water According to Sanitation Level – Floodwater is classified into three categories according to sanitation: white, gray, and black.

    water damage inspection
    • White water is the cleanest of the three. It brings no immediate threats from chemical or biological contaminants. White water usually comes from rain, leaky faucets, and water heater overflows. Because of its non-hazardous nature, it’s usually the easiest to recover from.
    • Gray water is wastewater that poses no immediate hazards to people and other living organisms. It usually comes from washbasins, showers, and baths. While it isn’t as fresh or clean as white water, it’s relatively easy to recover from when you’ve had this type of water flooding in your property.
    • Blackwater is the most destructive of the three water categories according to sanitation. It can carry toxic substances, corrosive components, and harmful microbes that can ruin property and make people ill. Toilet water, sewage discharge, washing machine runoff, and dishwasher overflows are considered as black water. As you may guess, black water is the hardest to clean up and recover from among all water types. It requires specialized equipment and handling techniques to safely extract from your household or workplace.
  • Quantify and Map the Extent of Damage – The next step is for us to map out the extent of water intrusion in your property. You may only see what’s visible to the naked eye, but water can get into the smallest of crevices and wreak havoc there. Our equipment and processes enable us to determine the amount of unwanted water in your building and where it’s at exactly. We can then give you a visual representation of the flooding situation so you can see exactly what you’re up against.
  • Investigate Damages and Classify According to Type – After we get to know everything there is to find out about the water inside your building, we’ll check the condition of the structure itself and its contents. It’s very important for us to determine which damages were pre-existing before the flooding occurred, which damages were a direct result of water intrusion, and which ones were not directly caused by the water but resulted from complications thereof. The findings will be crucial for filing an accurate and successful insurance claim.

  • Proposal of Recommended Action and Scope of Work – Based on what damages your insurance policy will cover and how much you are willing to shell out independently (if necessary), we will provide you with the most cost-effective quote possible.

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Water damage is a progressive thing. The more you wait around, the more losses you will incur. Contact us at All American Cleaning & Restoration today at 208-203-1512 and schedule your inspection. For any type of water damage, flood damage, or fire damage problem, call AARC for immediate help.