HVAC Discharge Lines Repair in Idaho Falls, ID

The HVAC system's discharge line carries the liquid refrigerant from the compressor to the condenser. If the valves that seal the hoses begin to wear, then refrigerant could leak out. There is a risk of extensive water damage if the HVAC system's discharge lines leaks. Walls that come into contact with water can degrade and develop mold over time. Therefore, the discharge pipe should be inspected from time to time for any refrigerant leaks or other damage.

All American Cleaning & Restoration can repair leaky HVAC discharge lines and restore your home to its original condition. Our RIA-certified crews have been repairing HVAC system discharge lines leak in American FallsAberdeen, Ashton, Dayton, and adjacent cities for over 20 years. For assistance with any type of water damage, call 208-203-1512.

Typical Problems with HVAC Discharge Lines


All American Cleaning & Restoration is your best option when it comes to fixing the discharge lines of HVAC systems. Here are a few indicators that repair or maintenance is needed:

  • Machines, like the air conditioner's compressor, make loud, distracting noises
  • The discharge line has developed the growth of mold, algae, or other contaminants
  • The building's temperature is increasing rapidly due to a broken air conditioner

Causes of Water Leaks from HVAC Discharge Lines

Clogged pipes can cause water to leak out of the HVAC discharge line. Extreme condensation can cause discharge line leaks. Some common causes of HVAC system discharge lines leak as follows__

  • HVAC systems frequently leak water due to clogged condensate drains.
  • If debris and dust block discharge lines, pipes can leak
  • Frozen evaporator coils can cause line clogging or damage. The drain pan floods due to slow water flow

Trust All American Cleaning & Restoration for HVAC Discharge Line Repair in ID

For immediate assistance with emergency HVAC discharge line repair services, contact American Cleaning & Restoration at 208-203-1512. If you have plumbing leaks, water pipe breaks, toilet overflow, or issues related to flooding, contact our water damage repair specialists immediately to minimize damage. We clean up any water damage by removing water, cleaning, drying, and dehumidifying. To learn more about our service, please click here.