Water Damage Insurance Claims in Southeast Idaho

Unexpected water disasters like strong floods and burst pipes are situations you don’t ever want to encounter, but sometimes they’re just impossible to avoid. If the weather becomes unfavorable or your plumbing system accidentally bursts, you can do very little to prevent water and moisture from damaging your property. Depending on the severity of the disaster you can lose precious items or even the structure of your building. If you’ve had your property insured, you can alleviate yourself from the inconveniences of repair and replacement by properly filing an insurance claim. However, this task isn’t always easy especially when the disaster occurred recently.

Incomplete or improperly filed insurance claims are some of the biggest reasons why property owners can’t receive the support they need. Insurance agencies can only send assistance once they know that the claims are legitimate. However, properly documenting or writing down important details of the water-related incident can be traumatic for some. If your mind and body aren’t prepared to handle the responsibility, you may be giving yourself unnecessary stress. In this type of predicament, it’s better to find a reliable companion to file the claim for you. 

All American Cleaning will Help Every Step of the Way

Insurance Claims

All American Cleaning is the name you can trust when you need help filing a water damage insurance claim. For many years, we’ve seen and restored countless water damaged properties, so we know just how complicated the situation can be. It’s nearly impossible to document the damage done to your property if you’re still in shock. Instead of adding more stress to your plate, let us file your insurance claim to properly document and complete the form for you.

Helping you file an insurance claim is part of our water damage restoration service. When you call us to assist you in supporting your claim, we’ll perform the following:

  • Full and detailed record of the extent of the damage (includes taking photos and videos of the site)
  • Document the complete inventory of your damaged possessions
  • Write down important details (e.g. name, location of the disaster, injuries, etc.)
  • Review your insurance policy with you

Our fully licensed and certified technicians will also help prevent additional property damage and keep your valuables secure.

Contact Us for Water Damage Insurance Claims in Southeast Idaho

When your situation calls for expert restoration service, contact All American Cleaning at 208-203-1512 and we’ll be on our way. Our emergency services are on-call 24/7 and cater properties in Southeast Idaho.