Why Choose All American Cleaning & Restoration?

Cleaning & Restoration Service in Grace, ID

After a calamity or natural disaster, the first thought on a homeowner's mind is how to clean up and restore the property. A fire-damaged or water-damaged home is no place for your loved ones to live in.

Hidden structural damage, waterlogged and charred contents, and the dangers of smoke and soot are all issues that must be addressed before a family can move back in. In Grace, Idaho, the premier full-service restoration company of choice is All-American Cleaning & Restoration

The Best Restoration & Cleaning Services in Grace, Idaho

All-American Cleaning & Restoration prides itself in being a full-service company that is available 24/7 and can provide immediate emergency response to crisis situations. 

Cleaning & Restoration Service in Grace
  • Disaster Restoration - Fire and water damage or environmental contamination to sensitive electronics usually cause those systems to be scrapped. However, with the advent of modern technology and cleaning processes, your expensive electronics can be efficiently restored, saving you the hassle of shelling out for new. All-American Cleaning & Restoration can help you save as much as 85% over the cost of replacement.
  • Water Damage - Water damage is an all too common reality for many Americans, as it can come from the most innocuous of sources and often from things we can never foresee. From water pipe breaks to plumbing and toilet overflows, All-American Cleaning & Restoration handles them all. Water extraction, drying, and dehumidification will be performed on your property to ensure no secondary structural damage occurs.
  • Fire Damage  – Fires are without a doubt the most upsetting thing that can happen to a home and its homeowner. Fear not; all is not lost when you have All-American Cleaning & Restoration in your corner. We perform smoke odor removal, smoke, and soot restoration, as well as repairs and reconstruction when necessary so that your home can be made livable again. 
  • Content Restoration – Any items that have been affected by fire or water damage can be restored with All-American Cleaning & Restoration. We clean and restore a variety of materials back to their pre-loss states, including upholstery and furniture, electronics, leather, wood, books, documents, and photos.

All-American Cleaning & Restoration also offer a variety of cleaning services, performed by certified & experienced team members, to our customers in Grade, ID. Our cleaning options include:

All-American Cleaning & Restoration also completes various general contracting tasks in southeast Idaho, including: 

  • Commercial Services - All-American Cleaning & Restoration also helps commercial properties recover from unforeseen disaster situations as a part of the Disaster Kleenup International Inc. network or DKI, the largest contracting organization in the country for disaster restoration. 
  • Construction& Remodeling Services – Whether it’s building a new home from the ground up or supplementing your existing home with additional living space, All-American Cleanup & Restoration gets the job done. We also perform various remodeling tasks to refresh your kitchen, bathroom, living area, basement, and patio.
  • SteraMist™ - SteraMist™ is the premier choice for clinics and hospitals that need thorough but efficient decontamination and disinfection from chemical pollutants and infectious substances. Developed by TOMI, it cleans and sanitizes all kinds of buildings with little to no downtime, ensuring little disruption to your facility’s day-to-day operations.

Call All-American Cleaning & Restoration to Restore Your Idaho Home

For reliable cleaning and disaster restoration services with visible results, call All-American Cleaning & Restoration in Grace today at 208-203-1512 . You may also visit our Contact Us page to schedule a free estimate via our contact form.

All American Cleaning offers cleaning and restoration services  all around Caribou county. Grace ID has many homes and offices. With a population of about 924, there are many people in need of cleaning and restoration services. All American Cleaning offers cleaning and restoration services in Grace and surrounding areas. We service the following zip codes: 83241. We also provide the service to every home and office within the following neighborhoods: Niter, Lago, Mink Creek, Thatcher.