Disinfecting Services in Idaho Falls & Pocatello

We are all deeply concerned about the current pandemic gripping our world. But there many more viruses other than Coronavirus (COVID-19) that deserve our attention. The list includes SARS, Swine Flu, and other bacterias that concern all citizens.

Disinfecting Service

Right now, the annual COVID 19 cases are only escalating. We have to take strict precautions more than ever in our life and keep ourselves protected from such a dreadful virus that is responsible for countless respiratory issues and deaths.

We need to disinfect everything we bring for our daily life use but most importantly we need to apply this method for our house and business premises. Luckily for us, we have brave experts who take great responsibility in disinfecting your houses in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Lava Hot Springs, American Falls, Parker, and other Idaho cities. When you want to protect your family and your property with superior disinfecting services, give us a call today 208-203-1512, and our customer care specialists will dispatch a team right away to your house.

Home Disinfecting

How Does Infection Spread?

Even when you are fully protected with masks, hand gloves, and many more safeties there’s still a possibility of you catching the Coronavirus. Suppose one of your family members or visitors is unaware that he/she is having the disease and unintentionally sneezes/coughs then the chances of that particular area of your house getting infected.

A recent review of the survival of human coronaviruses on surfaces found large variability, ranging from 2 hours to 9 days. You may go to that area without even knowing that there’s a danger as the virus is clearly never visible.

So it’s always a wise option to take our experts’ help and disinfect your house on a regular basis if possible and ensure the COVID 19 protection for your loved ones.

How We Protect You in Idaho

Disinfecting Services by All-American Cleaning & Restoration

All-American Cleaning & Restoration provides sanitization using EPA registered disinfectants that are applied following CDC approved protocols. Our specialists wear special hazmat suits while disinfecting your house to avoid getting themselves contaminated or spreading more bacteria. We work closely with our customers to identify which areas need disinfecting the most and put special attention on those.

We are equipped with powerful dispersal technology that allows us to apply disinfecting agents properly on all surfaces. We disinfect commonly used areas first like bathroom and sinks, doors, doorknobs, toys, books, tables, chairs, common household objects, and other surfaces that are frequently touched. We then move our attention to thoroughly clean and sanitize narrow corners present in your building because bacteria and fungi are most likely to accumulate in these places. We implement our practice of disinfecting according to CDC guidelines to ensure the most clinically clean environment possible and promote hygiene.

Procedures We Follow To Disinfect Your Idaho Home

Procedures We Follow To Disinfect Your Idaho Home:

  • We use EPA registered disinfecting agents
  • We follow the CDC recommended guidelines
  • We follow safety protocols like wearing hazmat suits
  • Our disinfectants do not leave behind visual residue
  • Our sprays and chemicals are non-allergic
  • We use non-flammable substances

Trust All American Cleaning & Restoration as your Disinfecting Specialist

We have some of the bravest and smartest experts who will effectively disinfect your house and business premises. They are all licensed by the US government and performs amazingly when it comes to their job. They will first inspect your house, identify infected areas, and spray/fog the area with disinfecting substance that is registered by EPA. Whether you live in PocatelloAmerican FallsParker, Idaho FallsLava Hot Springs, or another city within our Idaho service area, we can help stop the COVID-19 and other deadly viruses from infecting your house and your business. Give us a call today 208-203-1512or contact our friendly customer care. 

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In this time of crisis, keeping ourselves clean isn't just good enough. We need to make sure our home or work places are safe from Corona Virus as well. Call All American Cleaning for Corona Virus Cleanup Services now.