Emergency Preparedness Plans in Southeast Idaho

We, at All American Cleaning, care about your health and safety during times of crises. Whenever a disaster strikes your home, commercial space, or institution, we know that their effects last even after they have showed their wrath. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to make it our mission to help every home situated in the surrounding areas of Southeast Idaho, and restore their properties back into their tiptop form! If you need our assistance, please call our hotline: or visit our contact page here! Our operators are on standby 24/7!

Disaster Restoration

The Importance of Having an Emergency Preparedness Plan

Natural or man-made disasters can happen anytime, anywhere, and can create the most devastating aftermaths in a short period of time. Floods can create torrents that can sweep people off their feet; simple flames can engulf structures such as buildings and homes, while the mildest rumbles of an earthquake can create cracks on your walls and floors. Being one step ahead of these disasters will increase your chances of getting out of these situations unscathed. By creating an emergency plan either at home or in public areas, you will be able to save numerous lives, and possibly, reduce the damages your property can experience during these said disasters.

Prepping Up Before the Disaster

Install Various Systems that Can Detect and/or Expel the Causes for Possible Disasters

The most notable disaster detection system one must have in any built structure is the fire alarm system. Now, although these installments only detect smoke (which can also come from burnt food and smoking), its primary function is to detect smoke that is being caused by dangerous flames. Once smoke has activated its sensors, this system will produce a loud sound, giving you enough time to escape the premises, and call the fire station, before it can engulf your property.

Another item that should be included in your emergency preparedness plan is fire extinguishers. Some fire disasters can be controlled and put out, so that it would not be able to grow. By installing at least one fire extinguisher in each hall or room, you can aid firefighters reduce the chances of the flames from spreading in your building.

Disaster Restoration

Having Escape Routes or Safe Areas

Not all disasters strike the same way. Fires can begin inside, while floods can come rushing in from outside. Depending on the crisis you are facing, you have to make sure that your way out is the right choice. By going outside or heading to open areas during fires and earthquakes, you are avoiding the possibilities of being injured by debris, smoke, or flames. During floods, on the other hand, instead of going outside, the best possible solution is to head up.

Emergency Preparedness Plans

Stock up on Supplies

It is possible that when the disaster strikes, it will be difficult to move in and out of the building, making it almost impossible to get supplies. In order to avoid dehydration, starvation, and other similar situations, purchase primary needs (ex. Water, food, clothes, etc.), batteries, and other survival items. Keep in mind that you must be able to stock up enough items that can last for at least a week.

Emergency Preparedness 101

Keeping your family or co-workers on their toes during such disasters will secure their safety. That is why creating and practicing emergency drills regularly will help them be familiar with the setting, so that escaping the threat will become much easier and faster.

During the event of an actual disaster one must remember the following in order for a successful and calm evacuation to commence:

  • Keep calm and DO NOT panic
  • Determine what disaster you are facing
  • Execute the proper escape plan
  • Once outside or the surrounding area is safe to move in, immediately call 911

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