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Schools and Colleges Cleaning Services

Students learn and feel better whenever their school's environment promotes their physical, mental, and social health. For example, clean classrooms reduce the risk of students getting sick, spacious areas grant them space to socialize, and a fortified school structure ensures that students are safe indoors. To preserve this pleasant atmosphere, schools hire staff who specialize in maintaining the surroundings. However, there are some situations that even the janitors, plumbers, and gardeners can’t fix.

Disasters, be they natural, man-made, or accidental, can happen at any given moment. Simple leaks can turn into a flash flood, while a chemistry class accident can set fire to a classroom or the entire school. During these catastrophic moments, school owners rarely think about their property’s state until the crisis is over. But after the event, it is possible that the school will end up damaged or completely wrecked. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that the property can’t be saved or restored. At All American Cleaning and Restoration, we can help your damaged school get back on track.

Commercial School Cleaning Services

Your School is Safe with All American Cleaning & Restoration

If your school or college has incurred damages due to a disaster, contact All American Cleaning & Restoration immediately. We specialize in cleaning and restoring properties, but in a manner that is far different from what janitors and plumbers can do. Our company deals with large scale water, fire, and storm-related disasters that can ruin your school building. Additionally, our restoration and cleaning services give your property an extra layer of protection. Our methods are designed to eliminate or prevent secondary damage like mold and smoke and soot – ensuring that your school is completely safe and healthy for your students once the doors reopen.

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All American Cleaning & Restoration’s commercial service is fast, reliable, and flexible with any budget. If you are interested in any of our services, give us a call at 208-203-1512. Our emergency service is operational 24/7, and we cater to properties located in areas of Southeast Idaho.