Content Restoration Process in Southeast Idaho

All American Cleaning & Restoration knows that you treasure your possessions, which is why we have a state of the art content restoration facility for all your belongings.


Washing Station

For many items, we have a washing station to remove soot and ashes or mud and debris from the items.  The items are carefully cleaned to the specifications for the item, then dried and packed to return it to your home or business after the restoration is complete.

Laundry And Soft Goods Center

Laundry Facility

Some people think that clothes and other linens can just be washed after a flood or fire but the truth is that special processes and chemicals must be used to ensure that all contaminants are removed and any lingering odors do not remain.  We have specialized machines and cleaning agents to bring your clothes, fabrics, and other items back to their pre-loss condition. 

Odell System

Electronics Restoration

We all keep vital information on our computers which is why we have specialized technicians trained to restore your electronics after a water or fire.  With electronics, they obviously can't be submerged in water, which is why our processes take each component into account and used specialized cleaning techniques to remove any smoke or water damage that may have occurred and restore them to the pre-loss condition if they are salvageable. We use the Odell Electronics Aqueous Cleaning Systems & Drying Chambers, which are known to be an industry leader for electronics restoration equipment and processes.

Deodorization Chamber.jpg

Deodorization Chamber

Water or smoke damage can leave lingering odors, especially in fabric, leather, wood, plastic or other porous materials.   Our deodorization chamber will remove musty, smoky or other unpleasant odors using a combination of chemicals and specialized content restoration techniques so your home will not have any lingering smells ones the contents are returned.

Pack Out Content ready for delivery

Pack Out Center

The All American team will come to your home or business after a loss, carefully inventory and pack your belongs to take them to our on-site restoration center.  Each item will then be carefully removed, cleaned, and repacked to return to your home or business once the restoration process is complete.

Decon Area

On-Site Storage

Once your items are cleaned, we utilize our on-site storage facility to carefully hold your items until your home or business is ready to have your belongings returned.  Then we will deliver them to your home and move them back to their original location.

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