A Guide to Preventing Mold in Your Home

A Guide to Preventing Mold in Your Home

Mold growth in your home is unsightly, unhealthy and expensive to correct. Some people don’t realize just how dangerous molds can be. Molds can bring about a long list of health problems, some of which can actually be considered life-threatening.

Aside from causing health problems such as respiratory ailments and rashes, molds can also cause structural problems. Your home may find itself falling apart due to the presence of these moisture-loving growths. If you want to avoid the costly effects of molds, you should take steps to prevent their growth.

Tips for Preventing the Growth of Molds

Prevention is better than cure. Stopping mold growth in its tracks can help you avoid costly repairs and high medical bills. To prevent mold growth in your home, here are some tips that will help:

  • Dry out your home as soon as possible after a water event – When flooding, water damage, and other events introduce water into your home, you need to dry the affected areas out immediately. Damp areas are the perfect breeding ground for molds.
  • If you suspect that the inside of your walls, your ceiling, and your crawl space is moist enough for mold to grow, you have to do something about this. Renting fans and other equipment that can help dry these areas is ideal in such a situation.
  • Keep humidity at a reasonable level – Humidity can happen in your home for a number of reasons. Aside from being an after-effect of floods and water damage, humidity can happen due to regular activities such as taking a hot shower and boiling water. The ideal humidity in a home should be at 30 to 60 percent.
  • If you notice condensation on your windows and other surfaces, your home may be very humid. You might want to consider renting a dehumidifier to help keep moisture in your home at a reasonable level at all times.
  • Disinfect surfaces after water damage – After your home experiences water problems, drying out the affected areas may not be enough. To ensure that your home is safe from mold growth, disinfecting all surfaces that experienced water damage is essential. Use bleach on damp surfaces to remove any traces of spores that might introduce molds into your home.
  • Use mold-resistant materials – When you need to replace damaged parts of your home after a flood or due to water damage, you should consider using mold-resistant materials. There are drywall and paint that are actually great at keeping mold growth at bay. Ask your contractor about these.

Stop Molds from Growing with the Help of Professionals

Molds can grow in your home if you don’t get rid of moisture that comes from water damage immediately. To ensure that all moisture is removed from your home after a flood or other water damage inducing events, in Idaho Falls, ID, the company to contact is All American Cleaning. We are a company that specializes in a variety of restoration work, with water damage restoration being one of our specializations.

We can take care of water damage caused by toilet overflow, water pipe break, and washer line breaks, to name a few. We can help get rid of moisture and prevent both water damage as well as mold growth with the help of our 24/7 emergency services. All you need to do is to contact us at 208-203-1512 and we will send someone over.