Common Reasons for Indoor Flooding

Common Reasons for Indoor Flooding

Indoor plumbing is an essential element in a homeowner's life. It provides unprecedented convenience, but it opens the door to potential problems when pipes or other plumbing parts malfunction. Terrible water damage to your home and its contents can result from indoor flooding.

Indoor flooding is not only messy, it can cause structural weaknesses in your home that trigger major damages. It also will create an unhealthy environment for those inside the flooded home if the water is allowed to stand for any length of time or is improperly removed from the premises.

To assist you in avoiding the costly consequences of water damage, here are the most common reasons for indoor flooding that can arise from your plumbing system:

Leaking or burst pipes

One of the bigger reasons for indoor flooding is a leaking or burst pipe. Pipes often burst or leak due to changes in water pressure, rust, wear-and-tear issues, or incorrect installation.

A broken or burst pipe can flood an entire home in minutes, causing water damage to the structure and its contents. Indoor flooding can trigger health risks like the growth of mold and mildew. Property owners need to invest in proper structural restoration and water damage repair in order to get the property back in shape.

Faulty water heaters

Water heaters are designed to constantly fill themselves in order to provide you with heated water on demand. While this continuous filling is the utmost in convenience, it can also be a risk for serious indoor flooding if the water heater springs a leak. Always have your water heater inspected regularly to spot potential leaks before they turn into major issues.

Clogged sewers or drain lines

Another common reason for indoor flooding is the inability of used or wastewater to effectively drain from your home and into a sewer. This is usually caused by a blockage clogging up the sewer or drain lines leading from your plumbing system. Such issues usually manifest themselves as slowly-draining sinks or toilets that need to be flushed twice.

Many homeowners leave these issues alone, hoping the situations will resolve themselves. That is not the wise approach. What usually happens is that the clog gets worse until it’s not allowing any water through. All that water still has to go somewhere, so it comes back up and floods your home or property. Clogged drain lines can also cause leaking or burst pipes, which could contribute even more to the flooding of your property.

Avoid Indoor Flooding By Recognizing the Signs

We may not be able to control the flooding in our homes once it happens, but we can pre-empt the situation by being vigilant for the signs that could cause an indoor flooding scenario. If an indoor flood happens, all is not lost. Contact All American Cleaning & Restoration to get any and all water damage repaired and restored at your home in Idaho Falls, ID. Our highly-trained staffers have years of experience and expertise in dealing with damage, whether caused by fire or flooding. Call 208-203-1512 to get the assistance of the most reliable and trustworthy restoration firm in business today.