Dust-Free Living: Tips on Keeping Your Air Ducts Clean


Air ducts help heated or cooled air circulate throughout your home. Air ducts stabilize the room’s temperature; equally distributing the air in every room. However, the very things that the air ducts transfer are also the very things that can decrease air output flow and functionality.

When air moves, it is able to bring along particles that are light for them to carry. Particles such as dust, dirt, wood chippings, and the like, swirl and follow the direction of the wind and may end up accumulating in your air duct. Other particles and organisms (e.g mice, squirrels, and birds), that are too big for the air to carry, are also capable of entering and permanently living in your air ducts.

In order for your air duct to remain in tiptop condition, it must be cleaned, inspected, and maintained in a regular fashion.

Cleaning your Air Ducts

There are two approaches to cleaning your air ducts. Now, depending on the situation you are facing, one method might be better than the other.


If your air ducts need minimal cleaning, then doing it by yourself is an acceptable choice. Hiring professionals for easy-to-do jobs is costly and unnecessary. Here are a few things you can do at home to keep your air ducts from wearing out.

  1. Turn off the system first before working. You don’t want to damage the air ducts or be greeted with a surprise breeze of hot or cool air while working.
  2. Remove and clean the dust covers or air grille plates. Wiping the covers will ensure that once you are done cleaning, it will be easier for air to enter your air duct systems.
  3. Use your vacuum cleaner when cleaning your air ducts. Using a damp towel is difficult and time consuming. Your vacuum should be long enough to reach the duct’s inner casing. Try not to use your vacuum’s strongest setting; a powerful sucking force can damage the walls of your system.

Professional Cleaning

Emergency situations such as mold contamination, vermin infestation, and impossible cleans, are moments that should be handled by the professionals. Professional companies are equipped to deal with these types of events and have enough experience to handle these situations with care. If you decide to face these situations by yourself, you are putting yourself in harm’s way. You are prone to using incorrect methods, there is a higher chance that you are going to injure yourself, and your methods may make the situation much worse than it already is. 

By choosing the right method, your air ducts will last longer and improve in functionality with each clean.

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