Preventing Burst Water Pipes

Frozen Pipe House

One of the biggest problems homeowners and businesses experience when winter arrives is the bursting of water pipes. Water expands when it freezes and this is the main reason why the problem of burst pipes happens. The break can either happen because of the expansion of the ice within the pipe or because the blockage caused by the ice increased the water pressure in the pipes, causing it to burst.

Whatever the scenario may be, when pipes burst, the resulting problem is flooding, which in turn leads to the bigger problem of water damage. Those who find themselves with such a problem will need professionals to help with water damage repairs and restoration. It should be said however that such a problem is totally preventable, and you can do so with these helpful tips.

Prepare your pipes for the cold season

– also called “winterizing”, the pipes in your home or office should be insulated to protect them from the coming cold weather. Sometimes you will need to do more than just wrap your pipes in insulation and will need something like electrical heating tape to help keep the water inside from freezing over.

Keep heating on during very cold days – when a very cold day is forecast and you are planning on going out, do not turn off the heat in your home or office. This will help keep your water pipes warm which will then prevent freezing from happening.

Let your faucets trickle during very cold nights – running water is highly unlikely to freeze, which is why it is a good idea to let your faucets trickle during really cold nights during winter. As an added precaution, leave your kitchen cabinets under your sink open at night as well to let the heat reach the pipes there.

These are just some of the things you can do to help avoid the problems associated with pipes freezing during very cold days.

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