The Do’s and Don’ts of Car Washing

Car Wash

There is a certain feeling of pride when you roll down the street in your car. Your car is a symbol, an indication that what was once a dream became a reality. However, while dreaming about your car, you might have forgotten about the responsibilities of keeping your car in full working order.

When it comes to car maintenance, there are many ways (and businesses) dedicated to take care of your car. Visiting the mechanic and filling up the gas tank are some of the primary ways to keep your car running, but these methods usually require help from professionals and require you to travel a certain distance.

For inexpensive and stay-at-home methods, washing your own car is the simplest and easiest option. It may not be as fast as car washing establishments, but it still gets the job done.

Now, when you decide to wash your car, you must remember that using just any type of soap and cloth will not do. For a clean and undamaged car, here are a few tips you can follow to make that goal a reality.

Suiting Up

Wearing the appropriate attire will save your car from tiny dents and scratches. It does not have to be a full on cleaning gear because comfortable clothes will do. Avoid wearing clothes with lots of zippers, buttons, and metal add-ons; if ever they made contact on your car’s surface while you are cleaning, you will end up creating scratches and destroying the paint.

Interior and Exterior Clean

Keeping the interior and exterior of your car will make every drive a comfortable experience. However, the tools used for cleaning the inside can be different from the materials used to clean the car’s body.

For interior cleans, use brushes, cloths, or vacuums to tidy up your car’s upholstery. Sweep under the floor mats and clear out the crevices to reveal and remove unwanted dust and particles. Use electric car dryers to dry up the liquids found in water traps to avoid rust and mold buildup.

For your car’s surface, use a non-abrasive cloth for wiping and drying; use the proper car care products for your car to give it a much deserved shine, and when it comes to the usage of water, only use the right amount and pressure.

Too much water will wash out the soap before it even collects the dust off your car; use too little and your soap won’t be able to even start doing its job.

Follow the Directions on the Bottle

Car care products have different properties and cleaning purposes; if it is used incorrectly, you might not be able to get the result you want or you might actually damage your car’s surface. Remember, just because it says it will clean your car, it doesn’t mean that excessive use will make your car cleaner.

Start from Top to Bottom

A halfway done car wash job is not a job well done. The inability of washing your whole car usually stems from fatigue and double cleaning duty. If you start from the bottom, all the dirt removed from the top will eventually find its way to the lower parts of your car; which means that you have to clean that part again.

With every cleaning job, it is always best to have gravity on your side; staring at the roof of your car and ending between the rims, is the perfect way to use less energy and enables you to finish the job from start to finish.

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