What to Do After Commercial Water Damage Restoration

What to Do After Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Disasters can happen to anyone at any time, and no one is exempted from it. When storms occur, or when accidents involving water happen, companies can experience commercial water damage which can destroy furniture, equipment, and other items in the building. When this happens, the first thing that a company should do is to call a specialist who can help with water damage restoration.

A company that can help with commercial water damage restoration can assist you in fixing the damage that your facility suffered. This can include the fixing of structural issues, removal and drying of carpets, removal and drying of heavy furniture, and dehumidifying of the area. Of course, these companies can only do so much for you when it comes to helping you deal with commercial water damage. There are some things that you will have to face after the main work is done.

Things to Do After Water Damage Restoration

Removing the water and drying out your workplace while dehumidifying it is just part of what needs to be done to get your business back on track. Before you can get back into the swing of things, there are a few other things you will need to do:

1. Repair and replace damaged furniture

Not all furniture that got wet in a flood or water disaster can actually be repaired. Some items may need to be replaced. You will need to assess which pieces of furniture can be salvaged and which ones need to be thrown out and replaced.

2. Repair and replace damaged carpets

You will also need to assess whether or not the carpets in your facility can still be cleaned and restored for use or if the carpets need to be removed and replaced. Some carpets may be too old to be cleaned, restored, and reused.

3. Check paperwork for salvageable documents

Some people just throw out any soggy paperwork that they find in waterlogged offices. What they are not aware of is that paperwork can still be dried out and restored. There are procedures that can help restore important documents to a usable form such as dehumidification and vacuum freeze drying.

4. Check electronics

Electricity, metal, and water do not play well together. When electronics get wet, many companies usually just throw them away, thinking they can no longer be used. Some electronics can actually still be salvaged with the help of air drying and dehumidification, provided that this is done as soon as possible and by people who know how to do this properly.

Getting Help With Water Damage Restoration

When your business in Southeast Idaho suffers from water damage, a company like All American Cleaning can help with water damage restoration. Aside from helping you restore your business to how it was before disaster struck, you can also get help for your carpet restoration needs and structural restoration requirements.

Contact us at 208-203-1512 today to get a free estimate and to get immediate help with water damage restoration as well as other help you may need after.