Fire Damage Restoration at Imperial Gardens Condominiums

Fire damaged attic

On August 28, 1998 Imperial Gardens Condominiums in Idaho Falls suffered a severe fire damage to the center-most units of an eight plex. All American Cleaning met with insurance company representatives to inspect and scope the eight-condo unit fire damage. Initially the insurance representatives had thought that the entire roof system was a total loss; this would really complicate things as the heat source for all of the units was cable-ceiling heat covered with plaster.

Burned Condo

Upon close inspection, All American Cleaning determined that only 25% of the roof needed total replacement and, if completed carefully, the balance of the trusses could be restored. This process was feasible through: planking the bottom cords, vacuuming all insulation from the attic areas, careful sand blasting, followed up with a very thorough vacuuming to remove all char, debris and sand blasting medium residue, thoroughly deodorizing the airspace, and encapsulating all sheathing and truss components with a permanent deodorant barrier of pigmented shellac.

This was a complicated process considering the maximum height was 4'6 and minimum working area was 12" all work was completed over finished plastered ceilings. Two of the units had suffered severe fire damage, which constituted total demolition and reconstruction; four units had severe smoke damage and relatively minor damage to the two end units. By employing these innovative procedures, there was a substantial savings in dollars as well as loss of use. Contact us today.