Carpet Bleach Spot & Stain Removal in Southeast Idaho

Accidental bleach spills can happen in a flash, leaving your carpet discolored. This would ruin the look of your delicate carpet. But don’t panic if you see discoloration on your carpet. Whether it is accidental or some DIY method that you use leads to this situation, we are here for you.

You can rely on All American Cleaning and Restoration whenever you face this situation. Our experts will effectively revive the beauty of your carpet. Just give us a call at 208-203-1512 to make your carpet shine again.

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What to Do When You Spot a Stain?

Whenever you notice any spills on your carpet act fast. Grab a piece of cloth and blot the area. Don’t rub or scrub your carpet. Rubbing can spread the stain while scrubbing can ruin the carpet's fabric. Small or minor stains can be treatable in some cases. However, if you fail to treat it and it's quite noticeable, then it might need professional help.

Calling a professional to treat your carpet stain or spot will effectively clean your carpet. A professional will do a color correction method or re-dye to restore your carpet effectively. 

Why Belach Spots or Stains Need Special Attention?

Bleach stains and spots need special attention as they lead to permanent damage. Moreover, ignoring these stains might make a permanent stain on your carpet. This will eventually lead to carpet replacement. Furthermore, there are more concerning issues like:

Color Fading: Bleach fades the color of your vibrant carpet making it dull.

Fiber Damage: It weakens the fiber which increases the wear & tear on the carpet.

Permanent Stains: Ignoring the repair or cleaning will make it a permanent stain.

Health Concern: It can irritate eyes and lungs not to mention the odor.

All of these things make it a serious need for special attention. 

What Causes a Carpet to Bleach?

Your carpet may discolor or have a bleach spot or stains due to accidental spills. The active agent of bleach lightens the carpet color and causes discoloration. However, bleach stains also happen from:

  • Harsh Chemical Cleaning solution
  • DIY Cleaning Solution with Lemon Juice
  • Excessive Sun Exposure
  • Improper Cleaning technique

Benefits of Bleach Stop Removal

Treating your bleach-stained carpet doesn't only include restoring its original look. Professionals also focus on the environment and preservation of your carpet. Professional carpet cleaning offers multiple benefits. That includes:

  • It will restore the carpet's original beauty
  • Professional treatment will restore fabric damage
  • It will repair the carpet
  • The carpet's durability will increase
  • It will improve the indoor air quality

How Can All American Cleaning and Restoration help?

Although bleach stains are stubborn and challenging to remove, you can rely on our specialists. At All American Cleaning and Restoration, our professionals have more than 20 years of experience in carpet cleaning. We have the necessary knowledge and equipment to provide an effective solution.

Whether it's stain removal or odor removal we can help you with it. Furthermore, with our help you can reuse your current carpet. It will help you to save your money and time at the same time. Additionally, we will address and provide effective solutions to your carpet issues if there are any.

Things You Should Avoid Whenever You Notice Stains

Whenever you see any spot on the carpet you might want to clean it by yourself. That’s what we all do. But whenever you are doing that remember to avoid a few things. In particular, using the DIY bleach method to remove carpet stains is never recommended. It will make the situation worse by ruining your carpet's look. There are some other things that you should avoid. The caution includes:

  • Stop using DIY carpet dyes
  • Avoid bleach stain removal products
  • Don't use untested products or chemicals
  • Using a harsh cleaning solution

Rely on Us for Any Stain Removal Services

You can rely on us for any carpet stain removal services. Whether it's an old stain or a new one. You can rely on our professionals. We have expertise in making your carpet shine so that you can get a fresh new feeling from your old carpet. We also treat:

  • Old & Dried Stain
  • Spilled Drink Stain
  • Acid Based Stain
  • Makeup Stain

Ensure a Better Home with All American Cleaning and Restoration 

Keep your carpet clean and fresh for generations with our effective cleaning. You can also rely on us for any cleaning or restoration services. Whether it's carpet cleaning, or restoration for any water damage, fire damage, or storm damage. We are available 24/7/365 to ensure your peace of mind.

If you are from Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Rexburg, Blackfoot, and surrounding areas in Southeast Idaho dial 208-203-1512 for the service you need. You can also book an appointment online with us. Ensure a better living environment and a safe home for you with us.