Cracked Foundation Repair in Idaho Falls & Pocatello, ID

Cracked foundations not only result in structural or other damage to your home. Water damage can occur if pressure from soil under your foundation pushes water into those cracks or spaces.

Water damage from cracked foundations can be your worst-case scenario. Call All American Cleaning and Restoration if you notice a gap in your foundation. We'll repair that cracked foundation and help you avoid further damage. For water damage as a result of a cracked foundation, All American is the superior solution for water damage, also.

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All American Knows Cracked Foundation Causes

Foundation Crack Repair

Reasons for cracked foundations are numerous, but include:

  • Humidity: Dry soil from persistent droughts or dry climates can adversely affect your exterior foundation. Flooding, water damage or excessive humidity inside can leave a foundation vulnerable indoors. 
  • Shifting soil: Soil or earth that, for any reason, moves too much or too often will lead to a cracked foundation.
  • Plumbing leaks: Standing water, a foundation slab leak from burst pipes caused by tree roots or freezing can all take a toll on foundations.
  • Extreme heat and cold: When the weather swings from polar to scorching year after year, it can cause the foundation to crack.
Foundation Crack Repair

All American Has Idaho Fire, Water Restoration

At All American Cleaning & Restoration, we offer a wide range of fire, water and other restoration for your convenience in Albion, BasaltDecloFelt or anywhere throughout our southeast Idaho service area. Besides cracked foundation repair and water damage restoration, we offer:

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