Toilet Overflow Cleanup Services in South Idaho

Toilet Overflow Emergency Service

We provide emergency service for toilet overflows and flooding. Call All American Cleaning & Restoration anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our service area includes Rexburg, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Burley and surrounding areas. Please call us at at 208-203-1512.

Indoor flooding caused by an overflowing toilet is one of the nastiest forms of water intrusion that can happen to your home or place of business. Toilet water is highly unsanitary, making it a prime source of biological and structural threats in any building.

If you have a toilet water flood that intrudes into living and working spaces in your property, you’ll need more than just regular plumbing services to get your place back to normal. You’ll need help from a company that specializes in treating and restoring water-damaged property and that’s exactly what All American Cleaning & Restoration is.

All American Cleaning & Restoration is a Southeast Idaho-based disaster restoration service provider with over 20 years of experience in helping homeowners and businesses recover from fire, water and wind damage. We’re great at assessing the extent of water damage in your building, cutting off the source of the intruding water, extracting all unwanted fluids and making sure everything is completely dry. We then proceed to disinfecting and restoring all affected areas to get your place back to the way it was before disaster struck.

Toilet Overflow

Two Main Causes of Toilet Overflow

There are two main causes of toilet overflows that can lead to indoor flooding. The most common is a bad clog within the pipe that takes water and waste from the bowl to the sewers. Solid objects like tissue paper, feminine napkins, tampons, toys or even mobile phones that are dropped and flushed can result in a bad clog. When this happens, water can’t escape and it backs up into the surface which results in an unhygienic overflow.

Toilet water overflows can also happen when a toilet’s tank malfunctions and water comes in non-stop. Toilet tanks are designed to shut off the water supply automatically once they’re full, but if a part in its system is broken, water from the line that feeds the tank will rush in uninterrupted and this can start an indoor flood. This type of flooding is more sanitary than the type that comes straight out of the toilet bowl, but it’s still dangerous and needs to be addressed quickly.

Problems resulting from a Toilet Overflow Flood

Toilet Overflow cleanup

Think toilet water floodwater is just disgusting and a chore to clean up? It gets worse. Here’s a list of threats that it can pose to your home or place of work:

  • Structural Damage – When exposed to water for long periods of time, wood, concrete and metal parts of your building can weaken or corrode.
  • Water contamination – Toilet water can seep into other parts of your property where clean water is kept. When this happens, you immediately have a serious health hazard that can make people and pets sick.
  • Air contamination – Of all the types of water that can intrude your household or workplace, toilet water leaves behind the most unpleasant of odors which can disrupt normal living and working conditions.
  • Furniture, Appliance and Drapery Damage – It’s not just the permanent parts of your building that are at risk when toilet water intrusion happens. What’s inside it are even more vulnerable. In a lot of cases, toilet overflows can render carpets, electronics and some furniture unusable even after cleanup.  Please call us for call us for carpet cleaning and carpet restoration services.
  • Mold Growth – All it takes is a little water and a little organic matter for mold to grow and run rampant in your property. Toilet water that makes contact with floors, carpets, walls and furniture creates the perfect environment for mold to thrive and infest your place.  Please call us if mold remediation is needed.

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Don’t let a toilet water overflow ruin your property. Call All American Cleaning & Restoration immediately for help. For any type of water damage, flood damage or fire damage problem please call our helpful staff at AARC. We have access to one of the largest fleets of service vehicles and equipment in Idaho, allowing us to get to your Southeast Idaho location quickly.  Our professional and courteous staff is waiting for your call at 208-203-1512. You may also contact us with one of our contact forms for general inquiries.

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