Water Damage Classification in Idaho Falls, Rexburg, & Ucon

Water damage is a major headache for homeowners & business owners. It can completely destroy your home or office, depending on the amount and type of water involved. Water carrying toxins, often called blackwater, is more dangerous than other types of floodwater and that is why restoration companies assign water damage classifications to the situation in the wake of a water leak, overflow, or flood that can cause significant structural damage.

Fortunately, residents of Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Pocatello, Montpelier, and other cities within our service area count on our professionals to make an accurate water damage classification of your situation. At All American Cleaning & Restoration, we have IICRC-certified experts to repair your home or office to its pre-damage condition. Our qualified and experienced staff will assess and analyze any damage, then determine a plan to correct that water damage. To learn more about our service or our technicians, call 208-203-1512 or click here to make a reservation for services ASAP at your property in Southeast Idaho.

water damaged basement

Our Water Damage Classifications

Level 1: This category includes areas where standing water has affected just a fraction of the space. Water absorption and evaporation are limited because the carpet and cushions have little to no moisture.

Level 2: Structural materials including plywood, particleboard, structural hardwood, and concrete have visible moisture. In this category, significant water absorption and evaporation are seen.

Level 3: Can be caused by a burst overhead pipe. Much of the home or property needs a repair service. There is a lot of water evaporation and absorption.

Level 4: Building stability might be compromised if repairs are not started as quickly as feasible.

Trust Us for the Best Water Damage Restoration Services in Pocatello & Montpelier

All American Cleaning & Restoration has been a certified and trusted service provider of all types of restoration-related services for homeowners and business owners in Pocatello, MontpelierIdaho Falls, Rexburg, and other cities we serve within Southeast Idaho for more than 20 years. Our crews also handle appliance leak cleanups, structural restoration, and much more! To learn about our services or to get a free estimate, give us a call at 208-203-1512. You can also click here to make an online reservation for services today at your property.

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