Garbage Disposal Overflow Cleanup in Idaho Falls, ID

Debris and waste material can cause a garbage disposal to become clogged and overflow. The overflow is due to a clog deep along the pipe, in the trap, or near the opening. As a result, the water backs up from the drain and fills the sink. The backed-up water may also mix with the waste garbage and create a nasty and smelly environment.

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Causes of Garbage Disposal Overflow

Here are some of the most common reasons that garbage disposals overflow:

Garbage Disposal Overflow Cleanup
  • Lack of Flushing Water: Not putting enough water down the disposal when it's grinding is a sure way to get a clog. Without sufficient water, waste can't be flushed through the pipes.
  • Grinding up Eggshells or Coffee Grounds: Items like eggshells or coffee grounds are a bigger problem than you might imagine. When ground up by disposal, eggshells and coffee grounds create very tiny granular waste that will stick to any sludge found in the pipes, quickly becoming a clog. And it causes the overflow.
  • Grinding Potato Peels: Potato peels are notorious clog makers and should not be put in a garbage disposal. Once ground up, they form a starchy paste that will quickly clog the drain.
  • Grinding Banana Peels: These are a similar problem to potato peels, except they also add stringy fibers to the mix.

Trust All American to Clean Up Your Garbage Disposal Overflow in Idaho Falls, ID

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