Water Damage Due to Washer Line Break in SE Idaho

Your washing machine is one of the most important appliances in your home. Whether your family is large or small, your washer tends to be used on a daily basis. That makes it vulnerable to breakdowns and damage.

Among the most common issues is a washer line break. This can happen at any time, including the middle of a wash cycle. When your washer line breaks, your home can experience flooding and water damage that needs to be addressed quickly.

Washing Machine Washer Line Break

Why Washer Lines Break

When you use your washing machine frequently, wear-and-tear can damage your washer line and cause it to break. Other issues may include improper washing machine installation, strong water pressure and leaks from a broken connector or hose. Whatever the case may be, when your washer line breaks, you need to take care of this problem immediately.

Water Damage Due to Washer Line Break

What to Do When Your Washer Line is Broken

The moment you notice your washer line is broken, you need to:

  • Unplug your washing machine
  • Turn off your water main
  • Turn off your circuit breaker
  • Mop up and dry the affected area
  • Contact All American Cleaning & Restoration for help

If your water damage is not addressed quickly, it will impact several areas. Aside from warped and damaged floorboards, you may also have a problem with structural damages, wet electrical cables, and mold growth.

Contact Us for Water Damage Due to Washer Line Break in SE Idaho

Whether the water damage has gone undetected for some time or you find the problem immediately, the company to contact for help in Idaho Falls, ID is All American Cleaning.  We can handle any water damage problems you have, including water damage due to pipe breaks, toilet overflow, garbage disposal overflow, leaky faucet fixture, sink overflow, mold damage from leaks, and other leaking appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers. We can also assist you with the filing of your insurance claims for water damage to make repairs and restoration less stressful for you.

To get in touch with us or to schedule a free inspection and estimate, contact All American Cleaning online or give us a call at . Our friendly staffers are standing by to handle your call or answer your questions.

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