Broken Pipe Repair & Replacement in Southeast Idaho

A broken can be a big trouble for you. You need to act quickly if you don't want to face any severe damage. At All American Cleaning and Restoration, we specialize in broken pipe repair and replacement services. Our expert staff are skilled in both repair and restoration, ensuring comprehensive solutions.

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Causes of Broken Pipe

Broken pipes can be caused by several reasons. The following are just a few of them.

  • Freezing: Cold temperatures freeze the water inside the pipe and expand, leading to cracks or bursts.
  • Blocked Pipes: Over time dirt and debris can create blockages, increasing pressure and leading to pipe breakage.
  • Old Pipes: Aging pipes are more prone to deterioration and breakage, so the water pipe breaks over time.
  • Irregular Maintenance: Lack of proper maintenance can contribute to the deterioration of pipes and eventually damage pipes.
  • Tree Roots in Pipes: Tree roots seeking moisture can infiltrate pipes, causing blockages, cracks, or breaks.
  • Addressing these issues promptly and conducting regular maintenance can help prevent broken pipes and potential water damage.
water damage, mold, and structural issues, highlighting the problems caused by water damage.

Issues Caused by a Broken Pipe

A broken pipe can lead to various issues and consequences. This can cause both immediate and long-term problems. Some common issues resulting from a broken pipe include:

Signs That You Need to Repair Your Broken Pipe


If your water looks weird (brown or yellow) or your pipes seem old and clogged, it's a sign they might need fixing. Old pipes can break easily and cause leaks. If you're always dealing with leaks or your water bill goes up a lot, there might be a problem with your pipe. Get a professional to check and maybe replace them to avoid major issues!

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Call All American Cleaning and Restoration - Your Solution to Plumbing Damages

Whether you need broken pipe repair or replacement, opting for a certified and expert restoration company ensures top-notch quality of work. Our team of experts is certified and trained properly to perform any restoration and cleaning tasks in the best possible way. Feel free to approach us for any water damage or plumbing issues. We're here to make your worries disappear.

Call us at 208-203-1512 if you are from Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Bloomington, Fort Hall, and throughout our Idaho service area. You can also contact us online for to get a free estimate.

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