Main Water Line Break Cleanup Services in Southeast Idaho

A broken main water line can be one of the worst plumbing catastrophes. You can not usually tell when the main water line breaks as it is hidden inside your house's walls, ceilings, or under the slab. However, when you are experiencing unreasonably high water bills, then the chances are that it has been broken.

Don’t worry! All American Cleaning & Restoration is there to help you out. We offer top-notch main water line break cleanup services for the people of Southeast Idaho. Our skilled professionals always offer the best services to give you an effective main water line break cleanup service.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to give you the best cleanup services. We focus on 100% customer satisfaction. If you like to obtain our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 208-203-1512.

Signs of Main Water Line Break in Your House

The main water line has been repaired by a plumber.

It can be difficult to spot a damaged main water line, but there are a few indications that residents can watch for and depend on to indicate a problem. These signs are given below:

    • Discolored dry walls
    • Unexpected high water bill
    • Rusty, dirty, or bad-smelling water
    • Cracks in the foundation of your house
    • Discolored water coming out from the pipe
    • Low water pressure from the plumbing fixtures
    • Sinkholes and unexpected water puddles in your yard
    • Bubbling or wet patches on ceilings and walls and damp floors

Choose All American Cleaning & Restoration for Main Water Line Break Cleanup Service

At All American Cleaning & Restoration, our certified technicians can quickly and effectively do cleanup services after your main water line breaks. Our services also include toilet overflow cleanup, water damage restoration, and water pipe breaks. We provide services in American Falls, Aberdeen, Ashton, CliftonDayton, and other areas within our service areas. Click here or give us a call at 208-203-1512 to get a free estimate.

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