Frozen Pipe Prevention in Idaho Falls, Pocatello

If you have a frozen pipe or a burst pipe, contact All American Cleaning for emergency burst pipe services at 208-203-1512. We can immediately start extracting water from any busted pipe and begin the drying process. Busted pipes are one of the most common causes or water damage in a home or business.

We have the equipment and expertise to mitigate the problem and get your home or business back to its pre-loss condition as soon as possible. Check out these tips too, burst pipes, and water damage.

Burst Pipe

Strategies to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Before the utmost weather strikes, prepare your home to prevent water damage before it occurs. When temperatures dip, take immediate action to prevent water damage:

  • Open Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets - allow warm air to circulate around water pipes.
  • Open Taps Throughout House - allow water to drip to keep water pipes from freezing.
  • Turn Water Off - drain water supply lines.
  • Keep Thermostat at 55 Degrees - while away in the winter.

Homeowner insurance companies are more apt to pay your water damage claim if you can show that you have done your due diligence and maintained your property in a reasonable manner. us for any of your pipe leak repairs and ask us about all of our water damage and plumbing overflow service. We will dispatch our professional technicians to your home or business anywhere in our Idaho Falls, Pocatello.

Prevention of Frozen Pipe

Long Term Strategies to Prevent Frozen Pipes

We will suggest some long term strategies to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting include year-round maintenance and winterizing. This will help your home or business to prevent water damage. You can prevent pipes from bursting by checking them on a regular basis. Pipes more likely to freeze and burst include: pipes in the main sewer line, exterior walls, attic, basement, crawl space, and garage pipes.

Pipes: Check your water supply system regularly for possible leaks, cracks, and regular wear and tear. Winterize and insulate water pipes to minimize the likelihood of water damage from frozen and burst pipes.

Home: Add air sealing and seal and caulk air leaks and water leaks to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting. Add insulation to your attic, basement, or crawl space to insulate and provide consistent room temps.

Rely On Us

Our ICRCC certified crew will provide the best solution for your Frozen Pipe Prevention. If you are living in Idaho Falls, Aberdeen, American Falls, Lewisville, Chester, Parker, or any of our service area then contact us today! We are always standing by for your call and will immediately dispatch a technician for a free estimation.

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